CARLOS GIFFONI Vain LP Limited Edition




Long Playing Nuovo Catalogo: Ideal Records IDEAL170 Black vinyl edition of 300 copies. Vain marks the prodigal return of Venezuelan artist Carlos Giffoni to the avant-electronic music scene he was instrumental in shaping with the seminal, hybridiszng No Fun Fest and No Fun Productions label, which was home to debut releases by Oneohtrix Point Never and Noveller, and classics from Haswell and Prurient during the late ’00s to early part of the ’10s. Carlos’s first new release in six years, Vain was drawn from hundreds of hours of improvisations made at Carlos’s Malibu studio, the final LP describes a tumultuous narrative in affective abstract swells and pulsating rhythms that trigger curious sensations and emotions ever familiar to his variegated, extreme, yet essentially organic output.


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