DARKEST HOUR Godless Prophets And The Migrant Flora (Copy)




Catalogo:  Southern Lord LORD239

Tenth full length album and Washington D.C.’s Darkest Hour are just as angry and just a passionate. Working with Converge’s Kurt Ballou to full effect and releasing through Greg Anderson’s Southern Lord they are sounding bigger and heavier than ever before, and a total must for fans of metal, thrash, and chugging melodic hardcore alike.
1     Knife In The Safe Room    
2     This Is The Truth    
3     Timeless Numbers    
4     None Of This Is The Truth    
5     The Flesh & Flowers Of Death    
6     Those Who Survived    
7     Another Headless Ruler Of The Used    
8     Widowed    
9     Enter Oblivion    
10     The Last Of The Monuments    
11     In The Name Of Us All    
12     Beneath It Sleeps


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