DELINES The Imperial LP




Long Playing Nuovo

Catalogo: Decor Records DECOR46CD

Singer, songwriter and novelis Willy Vlautin’s post-Richmond Fontaine band, The Delines return with their second album, The Imperial. The band feature members of The Damnations TX, The Minus 5 and other members of Richmond Fontaine. They play a soulful brand of alt. Country which would suit fans of Whiskeytown and Lambchop.

  1. Cheer Up Charley
  2. The Imperial
  3. Where Are You Sonny?
  4. Let’s Be Us Again
  5. Roll Back My Life
  6. Eddie & Polly
  7. Holly the Hustle
  8. That Haunted Old Place
  9. He Don’t Burn For Me
  10. Waiting On The Blue


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