DISTRACTIONS Kindly Leave The Stage LP



DISTRACTIONS Kindly Leave The Stage LP

Long Playing NUOVO
Catalogo: Occultation Records

Vinile 180 gr

The Distractions declare an end to their long career (although said career did have a three-decade gap in it) with their third album, Kindly Leave The Stage. By making an active decision, the band get to fully define their exit, with at least half the album’s tracks being actively about departure or endings; lovely melancholic guitar pop, released by Occultation.

1     A few Miles more     4:39
2     Last to leave     3:05
3     Talking to myself     3:52
4     What the Night does     2:57
5     The Fire     4:26
6     Wake up and kiss me goodbye   3:44
7     Nowhere     4:17
8     The Connection’s dropped again     4:23
9     Tell them I’m not here     3:38
10     The End of the Pier     4:21


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