DRAGONFORCE Re-Powered Within CD



Compact Disc Nuovo Catalogo: earMusic Records Originally released in early 2012, the fifth album “The Power Within” by DragonForce is back as “Re-Powered Within” – completely remastered, remixed and repowered. The new version of the classic album was prepared by none other than Logan Mader and his team, who has gained international notoriety by being a founding member of Machine Head, joining Soulfly and his latest project Once Human. Combining bombshell hook lines with high speed guitar solos, “Re-Powered Within” contains signature anthems that have gained the band the grand reputation and praise that it is known for today. Mader’s unique experience and perspective truly serves the album well, as “Re-Powered Within” sounds as new and fresh as it never has. The album is also been given a new style with a completely adjusted artwork.


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