GAZ COOMBES World’s Strongest Man LP


Long Playing Nuovo Catalogo: Hot Fruit Records HF12LP Black vinyl in gatefold cover with download code Although Supergrass always pushed the boundaries of their Britpop tag, as a solo artist, Gaz Coombes has taken these sonic explorations even further, refusing to be pigeon-holed. His 3rd album opens up with an Alabama Shakes-meets-Radiohead style mash up which then moves into the ‘Deep Pockets’ of Vampire Weekend’s energy & on into the floppy psych of ‘Walk The Walk’ (another track that could easily have been delivered by his fellow Oxford natives, Radiohead). As we progress through the album we are drawn further into a warm, intimate world full of experimental sound sculptures that vary in pace & direction bringing in distorted electronics, brooding piano, funky flourishes & twisted melodies. This isn’t a record that jumps up & hits you in the face – it’s one that slowly permeates your brain, makes its case slowly & assuredly, eventually calling for your complete surrender.


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