JEFF LYNNE’S ELO Wembley Or Bust Box LP



Box 3 Long Playing Nuovo
Catalogo: RCA Records 88985487421
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documenting their exhilarating concert at Wembley stadium in 2017, the legendary band perform a gorgeous mix of their own classics, jeff lynne’s collaborative excursions, stand-out material from ‘alone in the universe’

  1. Standin’ in the Rain
  2. Evil Woman
  3. All Over the World
  4. Showdown
  5. Livin’ Thing
  6. Do Ya
  7. When I Was a Boy
  8. Handle with Care
  9. Last Train to London
  10. Xanadu
  11. Rockaria!
  12. Can’t Get It Out of My Head
  13. 10538 Overture
  14. Twilight
  15. Ma-Ma-Ma Belle
  16. Shine a Little Love
  17. Wild West Hero
  18. Sweet Talkin’ Woman
  19. Telephone Line
  20. Turn to Stone
  21. Don’t Bring Me Down
  22. Mr. Blue Sky
  23. 11. Roll Over Beethoven


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