LYDIA LUNCH 13.13 LP Limited Edition




Long Playing Nuovo Catalogo: Rustblade Records RBLLP021 Limited red vinyl plus poster. Contains bonus tracks “This is the official newly remastered and expanded version of the classic 1982 album by Lydia Lunch. The original eight tracks are powerful, deathlike dirges anticipating legions of gothic/death rock acolytes to come with warped, sickly chorused guitars and martial drum displays, topped by the anguished vocals and dark, harrowing lyrics of young Lydia. Features recent liner notes by the artist as well as four stunning, previously unreleased 1981 live recordings by the band, featuring ex-Weirdos members Dix Denney, Greg Williams and Cliff Martinez. Descend into the shadowy side of early ’80s L.A. murder and despair with this classic release


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