MICHAEL NAU Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread LP Limited Edition



Long Playing Nuovo

Catalogo: Full Time Hobby Records FTH312LPDLX

Deluxe Edition, LP on Full Time Hobby. Includes 7″ with two exclusive tracks. Limited edition of 200 copies, includes download code

The Mighty Thread is not a really bad conversation on a message board that deviates into people agreeing to disagree, but rather the bonus name for Michael Nau, who made a bright, folksy record in Some Twist. He’s back with this knottily poetic follow-up that embraces ambiguity and uncertainty with odd writing and performing decisions: different members of his makshift band placed their instruments in different rooms of the house, with an amp in the bathroom and a piano in the living room. This seemed to encourage a strange, communal vibe for a record that feels like a crew going one level extra to help out each other. The songs on this layered record sound sunny and familiar and Nau shines when he’s nestled in that medium between melancholy and carefree, his songs shifting between pain and joy, fires and rivers, faraway stars, icy Saturdays, clouds of smoke, between shelter and flowers in the rain. fans of jeff tweedy, Richard Hawley and kurt wagner should check this out!

A1 Less Than Positive
A2 Shadow On
A3 When
A4 What’s A Loon
A5 Far The Far
A6 No Faraway Star
B1 Funny In Real Life
B2 On Ice
B3 Funny Wind
B4 Can’t Take One
B5 Smudge
C1 Last I Looked 2:45
D1 Whatever Happened 3:42



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