MOTHER’S FINEST Love Changes The Anthology 1972-1983




Soul Music Records SMCR5151D
 This 37-track collection includes the entire 10-track 1983 LP, “One Mother To Another,” only ever released in Europe and making its worldwide CD debut. In addition, six tracks that were recorded for the group’s first RCA LP (in 1972) and only issued on a now out-of-print US CD in 2010 are also included here along with the team’s four charted singles, recorded for Epic Records during their seven-year tenure with the label, other standouts such as ‘Somebody To Love,’ (produced by Jimmy Iovine) along with ‘U Turn Me On’ and ‘Evolution’ from the 1981 LP, “Iron Age” and key cuts from the group’s three Epic studio albums such as ‘Give You All The Love (Inside Of Me)’ and a cover of the Motown classic, ‘Mickey’s Monkey.’

Disc: 1

  1. You Move Me
  2. Dear Sir and Brother Mann
  3. Monster People
  4. Bone Song
  5. Living Hero
  6. Middle of the Night
  7. Funky Mountain
  8. Run Joe
  9. Fire
  10. Dontcha Wanna Love Me
  11. Rain
  12. My Baby
  13. Give You All the Love (Inside of Me)
  14. Baby Love
  15. Thank You for the Love
  16. Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way
  17. Mickey’s Monkey

Disc: 2

  1. Hard Rock Lover
  2. Piece of the Rock
  3. Truth’ll Set You Free
  4. Don’t Wanna Come Back
  5. Love Changes
  6. Can’t Fight the Feeling
  7. Watch My Stylin’
  8. Somebody to Love (Live)
  9. U Turn Me on
  10. Evolution
  11. Secret Service
  12. What Kind of Fool
  13. Victory
  14. Love Me Too
  15. Everybody Needs Somebody
  16. Big Shot Romeo
  17. What You Do to Me
  18. In My Baby’s Arms
  19. Some Kind of Madness

  20. Take Me to the Middle (of Your Luv)



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