RORY GALLAGHER Check Shirt Wizard – Live in ’77 BOX 2 CD (Copia)



Box 3 Long Playing Nuovo Catalogo: Chess / Universal Music



Check Shirt Wizard – Live in ’78, blues rock,taste, Chess / Universal Music

This barnstorming 20-song, previously unreleased set is culled from four shows (London, Brighton, Sheffield and Newcastle) which were part of a 1977 tour across the UK in support of Rory’s then latest album ‘Calling Card’. Featuring fantastic live versions of tracks from that album as well as from 1975’s ‘Against The Grain’ and other live favourites, has been mixed from the original multitrack tapes from the official Rory Gallagher archive and mastered for this release at Abbey Road Studios.

Trifold sleeve includes coloured 8 page booklet showing 1977 UK tour dates on front, photos, credits and some essays –          3 coloured thick inner sleeves showing photos, tickets and recording sheet replicas – download card



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