ROTTING CHRIST Under Our Black Cult BOX SET Limited Edition



Box Set Nuovo Catalogo: Peaceville Records EBVILE012 Deluxe box 5-disc set with book Marking 30 years of Greece’s premier metal act, and 25 years of the iconic 1993 opus ‘Thy Mighty Contract’, ‘Under Our Black Cult’ is a deluxe 5-disc set featuring a book written by The Cult Never Dies author Dayal Patterson chronicling the early years of the band from their grindcore origins to reigning masters of occult Hellenic black metal, with interviews with the band, plus luminaries from the black metal and underground scenes & friends such as Behemoth’s Nergal, Moonspell’s Fernando Ribeiro & more. The book contains many photographs from the band’s own archive & the set is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Also featured are 5 audio discs containing the comprehensive early works of the band including demos, rarities, EPs, the classic ‘Passage to Arcturo’ mini-LP, ‘Thy Mighty Contract’ & ‘Non Serviam’ albums & live material; rightly showing why Rotting Christ have sustained a three-decade legacy on the back of their inspirational beginnings. The package is completed by the stunning cover art by Vjacheslav Smishko.


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