SHEER MAG Need To Feel Your Love



Catalogo: Static Shock Records SSR053

.Sheer Mag’s debut full-length album has arrived. Need To Feel Your Love is dressed in the guitars, production and sleeve design of a bunch of vintage 70’s rockers (just look at that band logo!), but with a thoroughly modern anti-bullshit approach and a garage-punkish twist to the vocals.
1     Meet Me In The Street     
2     Need To Feel your Love     
3     Just Can’t Get Enough     
4     Expect The Bayonet     
5     Rank And File     
6     Turn It Up     
7     Suffer Me     
8     Pure Desire     
9     Until You Find The One     
10     Milk And Honey     
11     Can’t Play It Cool     
12     (Say Goodbye To) Sophie Scholl


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