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Catalogo: Geographic Music GEOG42CD

After a couple of excellent 7″s and some pretty sweet support slots Spinning Coin finally drop their big debut album. This Glasgow band have slowly honed their sound of luscious indie-pop that takes inspiration from the golden ages of indie (both C86 ’80s and early ’90s grunge) but crucially remembering to add in future classic melodies to the equation. Recommende for fans of mac demarco, teenage fanclub, wilco, real estate, ultimate painting, or rolling blackouts.

  1. Raining On Hope Street
  2. Tin
  3. Money For Breakfast
  4. Money Is A Drug
  5. Metronome River
  6. Magdalene
  7. Floating With You
  8. Be Free
  9. Sides
  10. Sleepless
  11. Powerful
  12. starry Eyes
  13. Running With The Wild
  14. I Feel The Need To Be An Actor


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