T.REX Bolan’s Zip Gun and Futuristic Dragon


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Catalogo: Edsel BLN775240
Ristampa di 2 album con extra tracks e libro

Includes 21 bonus outtakes and demos from the two albums, seven of which have been mastered from original first generation tapes in the possession of two dedicated fans – this is the first time these tapes have been used.
The book features a brand new 10,000+ word note by acknowledged Bolan authority, Mojo writer Mark Paytress, and for this edition we have commissioned additional research into the lyrics to present an authoritative version of Bolan’s words. With a rarely-seen Terry O’Neill photograph featured on the front cover, the book also features ephemera and many press clippings from the era.

Disc: 1 Bolan’s Zip Gun

  1. Light Of Love
  2. Solid Baby
  3. Precious Star
  4. Token Of My Love
  5. Space Boss
  6. Think Zinc
  7. Till Dawn
  8. Girl In The Thunderbolt Suit
  9. I Really Love You Babe
  10. Golden Belt
  11. Zip Gun Boogie
  12. Do You Wanna Dance?
  13. Dock Of The Bay

Disc: 2 Futuristic Dragon

  1. Futuristic Dragon (Introduction)
  2. Jupiter Liar
  3. Chrome Sitar
  4. All Alone
  5. New York City
  6. My Little Baby
  7. Calling All Destroyers
  8. Theme For A Dragon
  9. Sensation Boulevard
  10. Ride My Wheels
  11. Dreamy Lady
  12. Dawn Storm
  13. Casual Agent
  14. London Boys
  15. Laser Love
  16. Life’s An Elevator

Disc: 3 Outtakes

  1. Till Dawn
  2. Light Of Love
  3. Sky Church Music
  4. City Port [by Pat Hall]
  5. Bolan’s Zip Gun
  6. Solid Baby
  7. I Really Love You Babe
  8. Golden Belt
  9. Children Of Rarn [extract]
  10. Savage Beethoven
  11. Love For Me
  12. My Little Baby
  13. Casual Agent
  14. Dawn Storm
  15. All Alone
  16. New York City
  17. Futuristic Dragon Intro
  18. Bust My Ball
  19. Brain Police
  20. London Boys

  21. Funky London Childhood


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