TONE SCIENCE Module No.1 Structure and Forces (VV.AA.) Limited Edition



Compact Disc Nuovo

Catalogo: Tone Science DiNTS01

Limited edition to 500 copies
Tone Science is a DiN sub-label featuring artists working in the field of modular synthesis. Tone Science Module No.1 Structure And Forces is the first in a series of releases featuring artists and musicians working in this ever fascinating and varied musical field.

1. Natural Minor Sines – DivKid
2. Tone 6 – Ian Boddy 
3. Virus – Paul Lawler
4. If Wishes Came True – Scanner
5. Ghatam – Richard Scott
6. Un coq a Esculape – Lyonel Baucher
7. Frieze Relief – Chris Carter 
8. Spherfear – Nigel Mullaney
9. Harmonograph – Matthew Shaw



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